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The Order of the Paradox
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Order of the Black Rose

Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: October 10th, 2009

1.Things that should never need to be said.[]

  • a.War on anybody without just cause is wrong. Especially against our Treaty partner.
  • b.Spying is rude and unacceptable. Especially on our Treaty Partner.
  • c.Public civility costs nothing. Especially to our Treaty Partner.
  • d.Helping other people in need is never a bad thing to do. Especially our Treaty Partner.
  • e.Sharing knowledge is its own reward. Especially with our Treaty Partner.
  • f.Rumours are ugly, but need to be investigated and passed on to those who might be hurt by them. Especially about our Treaty Partners.
  • g.Disputes are better resolved with words than battle. Especially in regards to our Treaty Partner.

2.Something Special[]

  • a.If conflict comes to our borders we may ask but not demand defensive help of our partner.
  • b.If we seek conflict our partner has no legal or moral obligation to provide assistance.
  • c.If our conflict is as a result of outside treaties, then no chaining of obligations occurs.
  • d.If amendment needs to be made to this treaty, it is allowed with mutual consent.
  • e.If we no longer feel able to live up to our obligations, this treaty may be voided with 96 hours of notice.
  • f.If this treaty is voided then an additional period of 96 hours of non-aggression applies past the treaty termination time.

3.Needs to be said.[]

  • a.Doing the right thing should never require a treaty.
  • b.Treating our word as bond is the only way to exist.
  • c."Friends Before Pixels" is not adequate reasoning to condone the poor behavior of your friends.
  • d.I do not need to love you to respect you.
  • e.It is best to judge someone by the friends they keep and the enemies they make.
  • f.Honour is not a word, it is a way of living.


Signed for the Order of the Black Rose[]

  • On behalf of Queen AterAtra
  • Sir Winslow Knight Protector
  • Sir Neboe
  • Dame Hime Themis

Signed for The Order of the Paradox[]

  • Saber, Grand Master
  • Longbowe, Grand Hospitaller
  • Coursca, Grand Chancellor
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