The Bear Cavalry
Variant flag of The Bear Cavalry

Variant flag of The Bear Cavalry
Team Color White team.gif White
Founder(s) Van Hoo III, Shurukian, Gibsonator
Founded 12/26/2015


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link= alliance Statistics as of 01/17/2016

Total Nations 40
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 36,799
Nukes 369
Aid Efficiency 60.28%
Rank 60
Score 6.91
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The Bear Cavalry (TBC) is a small alliance on the White team. It was founded on December 26th 2015.

History[edit | edit source]

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Charter[edit | edit source]

The Bear Cavalry (TBC) is a group of nations whom have come together with mutual views on commitment and community. It is our belief that the success of our alliance depends on the success of the individual. Therefore, we look at each nation as an equal. We, the members of The Bear Cavalry, are committed to upholding these ideals.

I. Leadership:[edit | edit source]

The Triumvirate, consisting of three elected members, is the leading council. The first Triumvirate term shall last for 120 days. All subsequent Triumvir terms will last for 90 days. The Triumvirs are responsible for managing all actions and functions of the alliance, and appointing additional members of government as needed.

II. Alliance Membership[edit | edit source]

A. Joining TBC: All nations are welcome to apply for membership, subject to the following:

The nation must not be engaged in any wars. The nation must not be considered a rogue, a wanted nation, or owe any unreasonable debts.

B. Leaving

You may leave TBC during peace-time, provided you have no outstanding debts to its members. You may leave TBC during wartime, but you will be considered a deserter, may never return, and may face further action.

III. Amendments:[edit | edit source]

TBC reserves the right to add amendments to this charter, as necessary. Amendments may be drafted, posted and discussed by any member. A vote on the amendment may be called by the author(s) or Triumvirs at any time and will last for seventy-two (72) hours. A vote of two-thirds (2/3) in favor will result in the amendment being passed.

International Relations[edit | edit source]

Active Treaties of The Bear Cavalry
Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Rebel Virginia Finds the King Accords MDoAP NSOWhite.png New Sith Order Active Jan 10th, 2016
Pirate Ships for The Bear Cavalry ODP Flag of PPO.png Pirates of the Parrot Order Active Jan 18th, 2016
Rebel Virginia Finds the King Accords Protectorate NSOWhite.png New Sith Order Upgraded Dec 26th, 2015
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