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The Bashkir Bwoyz are a hip-hop group from Chernushka in the south of Uralica. They have released two albums and had decent success in Uralica, although they have yet to find any real success outside of the country.

Current Membership[]

  • Murtaz "Tazz" Yulayev - MC (b. 22 July 1983, Sterlitamak)
  • Gaziz "G-Ram" Ramazanov - MC (b. 14 March 1982, Ufa)
  • Marat "DJ Ratt Bastidd" Yakupov - sampling, "beats" (b. 5 May 1978, Chernushka)


Uralica's first homegrown hip-hop group, The Bwoyz, both born in Bashkortostan, moved to Uralica after hearing how pleasant the nation's environment from Bashkirs who had actually grown up in the area, settling in the large town of Chernushka, close to the border with historical Bashkortostan.

A bit irked at the lack of homegrown urban music, the two "Bwoyz" decided to do something about it, and in August 2008, they met with Davydov Records producer Marat Yakupov, himself hailing from Chernushka, and in Yakupov's basement studio, they began working on some beats, and Murtaz and Gaziz would begin "rhymin'" into the mix soon, impressing Yakupov immensely. He sent everything they worked on to Davydov Records HQ in Yekaterinburg, which at the time was not within Uralica. They were signed within half a week.

Their eponymous debut album would hit shelves in November 2008, with modest success within Uralica, but little success elsewhere. Still, they would soldier on, touring Uralica for the first third of 2009, then taking time off during the Karma War, then getting back to touring until September, when they went back to "The Dungeon" to begin recording their second album. Finished in December, Watch Ya Step was critically hailed as being "one of the most underrated hip-hop albums ever" and "a political treatise that every decent human being should listen to, if only for the overall message of the need for change in Robertian society."


Full Albums[]

  • November 2008 - The Bashkir Bwoyz
  • December 2009 - Watch Ya Step


  • November 2008 - Insane (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in English)
  • January 2009 - Gassed Up (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in English)
  • March 2009 - Personal Hell (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in Bashkir)
  • June 2009 - Who's Da Man? (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in English)
  • August 2009 - Different (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in Bashkir)
  • October 2009 - You're Hurtin' (from The Bashkir Bwoyz, in Bashkir)
  • December 2009 - Less Bling, More Brains (from Watch Ya Step, in English)
  • February 2010 - Back From The Dead (from Watch Ya Step, in English)
  • April 2010 - Bi-bling-ual (from Watch Ya Step, in English and Bashkir)


  • Although the song titles are all in English, the Bwoyz will sometimes rap in their native Bashkir language.
  • Murtaz is a member of the Chuvash Tribal Board.
  • Gaziz loves cross-country skiing and is a renowned nature photographer.
  • Marat is one of the original employees of Davydov Records.