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This was a war fought between the raider nation Canon500D and the Balkan Republic.

On November 2/09 The Balkan Republic was attacked by a raider nation known as Canon500D.

When the leader of the Balkan Republic asked the leader also known as Canon500d for an explanation the leader simply responded I want 3million or I will continue to attack.

The Nation of the Balkan Republic refused. The war has raged so far for two weeks resulting in approx 5000 Balkan Men dead over 200 Infa Destroyed and 10 Tech stolen. While the nation of Canon500D has lost approx 1500 men and 10 infa and 2 tech.

The Nation of the Balkan Republic has now gained the upper hand though and as hostilities rage on Tha Balkan republic's military might grows while Canon500D is in vast decline.

The War ended with a Balkan victory and The nation of Canon500D paying reps.