Preamble: Once in a great awhile, two alliances get together and decide that the timing is right. Well this is that time, BAPS, really really likes MK. MK feels pretty much the same way.

Article I: So yeah BAPS rhymes with a lot of stuff like RAPS FAPS CLAPS NAPS. The list goes on. Well this means like peace. We aren't going to rough each other up or y'know talk behind each others backs.

Article II: Other than peace, we roll together. You don't step on our crews without getting blindsided by the other.

Article III: There comes a time when our set wants to roll on someone else's crew, either party may or may not roll with him, although it'd be cool if they did. End all be all: BAPS is bad ass, MK really likes how BAP rhymes with everything. So we've decided to do it.

Cancelling: self-explanatory.

  • Signed for BAPS,
  • moshea - El Presidente
  • peaderfi - El Vice Presidente
  • negev - Acting Minister for External Shenanigans
  • Inquitus - Minister for War
  • Clippeers - Minister for Internal Shenanigans
  • Len Del Meurte - Minister of Financial Operations
  • r3nu4l - Minister For Education

  • Signed for Mushroom Kingdom,
  • Archon - King
  • Trace - Princess
  • AirMe - Lord High Envoy
  • Raken - Royal Diplomat
  • Donut61 - Royal Diplomat
  • Niota - MK Ambassador to BAPS
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