This alliance has disbanded.
The Axis of Imperial Nations

Flag of the Axis of Imperial Nations
AIN Motto: '
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Kaiser Friedrich III

Emperor: Kaiser Friedrich III Imperial Regent: Cheney Imperial Servant: Alex MC

Chief Field Marshall: Adolph
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Charter of the Axis of Imperial Nations

Article 1: Admissions

Any nation in the white team, well be admitted into the Axis, provided said nation is not in any wars of aggression. No nation may have a double membership in the Axis and another alliance.

Article 2: Structure of the Axis

1. Emperor

The Emperor is the Supreme Leader of the Axis. The Emperor oversees all aspects of the Axis, including foreign affairs, military matters, and internal affairs. The Emperor has veto power over the Senate and General assembly. The Emperor has the power to deny any member the right to run for public office, and Emperor has the right to expel any member from the Axis without notice. The Emperor serves until he wishes to resign.

2. Imperial Regent

The Imperial Regent is Heir to the throne, and is directly under the Emperor. The Imperial Regent chairs the Senate and serves as Liaison between the Emperor and the Senate. The Imperial Regent only votes in Senate Matters only as a tiebreaker. The Imperial Regent is in charge of the foreign affairs of the alliance.

3. Senate

The Senate is made up of five elected Senators, and is chaired by the Imperial Regent. The Senate is responsible in helping the Emperor with the day-to-day running of the Axis. The Senate may only declare war if all of the Senators approve of the declaration. If the Emperor is not available to run the Axis, the Senate has the Responsibly to crown the Imperial Regent Emperor, and to pick a new Member of fill the Imperial Regents position

4. General Assembly

All Axis members have a seat in the General Assembly. The General Assembly can submit charter amendments to the Senate if 75% of the Assembly approves. The Emperor can veto any amendments before they reach the Senate. The General Assembly may occasionally be asked to vote on matters by the Senate.

5. Chief Field Marshal

The Chief Field Marshal is in charge, of the military accept of the Axis. The Chief Field Marshal has the responsibly to appoint lieutenants and commanders. He also is in charge, devolving and executing war strategy.

Article 3: Expulsion from the Axis

The Emperor and or Senate can expel any Axis member. The nation being expelled has the right to submit a document of protest to the Senate fro review and investigation. Any nation found guilty of espionage against the Axis well be denied the right to submit a document of protest and well be attacked by the armed forces of the Axis.

Article 4: War/Peace

The Axis well only go to war to defend itself, its allies and its sovereignty from foreign aggression. Other- then that the Axis is a peace loving Organization.

Article 5: Foreign Policy

The Axis wishes to have Friendly diplomatic ties with all alliances. However, the Axis well not sign any treaty with an Alliance known for rogue behavior.

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