The Avengers was the the War coalition led by The Order of the Paradox and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations during the Grudge War. The coalition consisted of 67 alliances by the end of the war.

It composed of Duckroll Project, AZTEC, Poseidon, Blood For Friends (bloc), Pillow Fort, Mjolnir, Complaints and Grievances Union, Doom House and members of the Pandora's Box.

Their main opposition consisted of the Super Friends (DC book team of heroes), which helped lead the coalition to dub themselves as The Avengers (Marvel team of heroes). The name also derived from IRON and TOP's desire for revenge against the New Polar Order who infamously betrayed them during the Bipolar War.

Member alliancesEdit

  1. AOD Brigade Flag AOD Brigade
  2. IRONflag Independent Republic of Orange Nations
  3. Tornwarflag The Order of Righteous Nations
  4. Colossusflag Colossus
  5. War flag of GLOF The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
  6. SnafuWarFlag SNAFU
  7. Flag of BAPS Boards Alliance of Protectorate States
  8. Everydayflag Olympus
  9. Fearflag Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
  10. EuropaWar1 Europa
  11. Wolf Pack RED Wolfpack
  12. Flag of the Nusantara Elite Warriors Nusantara Elite Warriors
  13. Flag of The Order of the Paradox The Order of the Paradox
  14. Ninjaflag Basketball Ninjas
  15. Flag of Gramlins The Grämlins
  16. Flag of Argent Argent
  17. Omfgflag Ordinary Men Fighting Giants
  18. Flag of Valhalla Valhalla
  19. War Flag of Nordreich Nordreich
  20. Asgaardflag2 Asgaard
  21. RoKFlag Ragnarok
  22. Flag of The Dark Templar The Dark Templar
  23. New MK Flag Mushroom Kingdom
  24. Umbrella War Flag Umbrella
  25. Flag of ODN Orange Defense Network
  26. GATO War Flag Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
  27. Int-war-big The International
  28. TLRflagwavemaroon-blue The Last Remnants
  29. DB4DWarFlag Death Before Dishonor
  30. WFF war flag World Freedom Federation
  31. TR War Flag The Resistance
  32. TPC War The Peoples Community
  33. SONFLAGGLOW1 State of Nirvana
  34. Flag of LoSS League of Small Superpowers
  35. TSA War Flag The Shadow Accord
  36. Ngwar Non Grata
  37. Flag of Viridian Entente Viridian Entente
  38. VOCFlag2 East India Company
  39. WAPA2 We Are Perth Army
  40. TSO War Flag The Sweet Oblivion
  41. Paragonflag3small Paragon
  42. Nebulax Flag Nebula-X
  43. NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order
  44. TPF War Flag The Phoenix Federation
  45. NATO War Flag North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  46. Rocket Team Rocket
  47. TIOWarflag2 The Imperial Order
  48. NewOPWarFlag Ordo Paradoxia
  49. URONFlag4 URoN
  50. NEAT flag 2 Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism
  51. War Flag of the Libertarian Socialist Federation Libertarian Socialist Federation
  52. Sc flag Sandwich Confederation
  53. Alchemy Alchemy
  54. Hooligan Flag2 Hooligans
  55. Tpe2small The Prolific Empire
  56. Flag of Invicta Regnum Invictorum
  57. Placeholder Flag MONGOLS
  58. LegacyFlag Legacy
  59. Flag of the North American Confederacy North American Confederacy
  60. UE flag med United Equestria
  61. TFD war flag The Foreign Division
  62. T5EFlagofWar T5E
  63. The German Empire 2000px The German Empire
  64. Placeholder Flag First Tactical Corps
  65. DICEWarflag Deck of International Card Experts
  66. OSAXFlag Open Source Alliance
  67. GOONS Ride To War Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism

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