The First Day Edit

On 2/28/2009 Amnastia was looking for a good tech raid. They found a nation named Free Left Coast, and at first glance it seemed the perfect target. So at 12:11 AM Amnastia declared war on Free Left Coast.

The Second Day Edit

It wasn't until afterwards that Amnastia realized Free Left Coast was in a large alliance. When it did it offered peace immidiately with the intention of paying off the damages to Free Left Coast. Despite the fact that Free Left Coast had been nerely destroyed in the intitial attack by Amnastia, for an unknown reason they did not accept the peace offer. The next day, Liverpool had declared war on amnastia and whiped out it's forces in two massive ground attacks. Amnastia used it's war chest and built up a new army, and it then attacked Liverpool, with Liverpool on the losing side of this fight. Amnastia used ground, air, and missile attacks, but could not destroy Liverpool. Amnastia then offered peace again, this time sending a letter of apology to each nation. Once again it was ignored. Now in anarchy, Amnasia realized it would be in serious danger from attack

The Third Day Edit

The next day Blauwland and African Union declared war on Amnastia. Amnastia was devastated by this attack, losing it's warchest and it's army. Once again Amnastia offered peace to every nation involved. Only Blauwland accepted, with Liverpool saying it would not accept peace until Free Left Coast did. However Liverpool ceased fire, and Amnastia was given some time to think about what it could do. It offered peace one more time to every nation, and then it went to three sources: The leader of a rival alliance, offering to join if they sent assistance, the leader of his alliance, explaining what had happened and begging for help, and finally to KingFury, a friend from the actual cyber nation game. Amnastia is now waiting to see what will happen...

The Xth Day Edit

Amnastia no longer exists. Free Left Coast doesn't remember this silly raid, but thinks Amnastia is a bit of a moron.

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