The Alaskan Folly
Date April 21–24, 2007
Casus belli ABP engages in espionage against the NPO
Result NPO victory: Vladimir appointed Viceroy of ABP
Preceded by
Third Great War
Succeeded by
New Pacific Order
Alaskan Border Patrol

Just after the Third Great War had ended, the New Pacific Order declared war on the Alaskan Border Patrol for spying. The war was short and ABP agreed to expel the spies and became a protectorate of the NPO.

Casus BelliEdit

Imperial Decree and Declaration of War on the ABP by Emperor Revenge:

The New Pacific Order has been aware over the course of the past few days of attempts by members of the ABP to infiltrate us and gain information. This, as any espionage, will not be tolerated. Period. There is no excuse for such behavior on Planet Bob; time and time again wars have been fought over such aggression.

Today we met with members of the ABP to attempt a diplomatic resolution. They did not seem to understand the gravity of the situation and so it failed.

May they realize the gravity of the situation now. The New Pacific Order declares war on the Alaskan Border Patrol.

May God have mercy on their souls, for we shall show them none.

Signed this 21st day of April, 2007,

Emperor Revenge
The Divine Bovine Overlord
The New Pacific Order

Course of the War Edit

Alaskan Border Patrol members got hit hard during the course of the war. There were reports of ABP members refusing to fight back, a likely explanation for their rapid capitulation. The war raged for about 2 or 3 days.


1. Admission of espionage: Alaskan Border Patrol must take responsibility as an alliance for its leadership and members who participated in spying on the NPO.

2. The spy ring and all leaders of it must be banished from ABP permanently and perma ZId.

3. The NPO will assist ABP with their internal investigation to root out spies.

4. ABP will become a protectorate of the NPO for three months or until the NPO is satisfied that the spy ring is gone, whichever is longer.

5. NPO Imperial Counsel and Praetorian Guard Prefect Vladimir shall serve as Viceroy and have admin privileges on the ABP forum.

Signed the 24th day of April 2007: Emperor Revenge
The Divine Bovine Overlord
New Pacific Order
Moo-cows with Guns

Kammy, Protector of Alaskan Border Patrol
Matt2001, Deputy Protector of Alaskan Border Patrol
Caveman72, Minister of Foriegn Affairs

Accused Spies Edit

Western_Digital - ABP Member darren - ABP Deputy Minister of Finance AllYourBase - ABP Minister of Defense (banished but not Perma-ZI'd) Kage-Ryu/Erotica Sixtynine - ABP Minister of Finance (Self proclaimed "Leader" of the Spy Ring)

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