The "Tela Made Us Promise Not to Tell Anybody Her Age" Treaty
Treaty Signatories

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance


Treaty Type: MADP
Treaty Signed: June 24, 2008
Treaty Terminated: July 5, 2009
Treaty Status: Cancelled

In the interest of solidifying positive relations and intent on paper, Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (hereby referred to as MCXA) and Echelon (hereby referred to as Echelon) do agree to uphold the articles set forth in this agreement. May the current friendship be secured long into the future by the signing of this document of military support and respect.

Article I: Recognition of SovereigntyEdit

Both the MCXA and Echelon are to always be considered sovereign alliances. This document should in no way violate or interrupt upon either alliances right to sovereign decision making.

Article II: Mutual DefenseEdit

In the event that either alliance falls victim to attack from an aggressive third party it is the obligation of the non involved signatory to provide aid in the form of military support.

Both parties are expected to share intelligence of any anticipated threats to either alliances security.

Article III:. Mutual AggressionEdit

Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war. Cooperation is a required facet of this pact, unless bound by treaty to non-aggression or neutrality, in which case the non-cooperation will not reflect poorly on the alliance holding the conflicting treaty.

Article IV:. NonaggressionEdit

Neither alliance shall engage in aggressive action with the other signatory. Nations who do so will be expected to pay full reparations within a reasonable time frame and face disciplinary action from the appropriate respective body in each alliance. Both signatories agree not to conduct espionage on the other signatory in any form and to avoid the use of trade or aid sanctions against either alliance's member nations. A declaration of inter alliance war from either party on the other signatory will immediately render this agreement null and void.

Article V: NullificationEdit

Should either alliance wish to withdraw from this agreement they must give notice to the other signatory at which point a 72 hour grace period will ensue, in which the articles of this agreement are deemed to be active.


Signed for Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
Sam, Co-Chancellor
Ololiqui, Co-Chancellor
Anakey, High Council
Sadinoelus, High Council
GONEfishin, High Council
Celt, High Council
Dragonaspect, High Council
Emperor José, High Council
Jesse James, High Council
Wozzname, High Council
TFS, High Council
Logan1, High Council
Krim Xephon, High Council

Signed for Echelon
DeathAngel, Director
Cozmo, Director
AllYourBase, Director
Tela, Queen
Caffine, MoFA
El Hefe, Congress
Jaymay15, Congress
Solidus117, Congress
Big Jimboi, Congress

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