The "Pot of Gold at the End of TPFs' Rainbow" Accords
Treaty Signatories

The Phoenix Federation

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: June 24, 2008
Treaty Status: Active


MCXA and The Phoenix Federation have for a long time been bound by common friendship. In order to solidify this friendship, both alliances hereby proclaim they shall co-operate in times of war to ensure their mutual defense. The undersigned agree to the terms outlined below. (MDoAP)

Article 1: Mutual FriendshipEdit

  1. Both signatories agree to treat each other's members as they would treat their own members, to always act in a respectful manner, not to flame, bait or outright insult one other under any circumstances - be it on the CyberNation's forums or in private communications.
  2. Both signatories agree to advocate and initiate constant communications between one another.

Article 2: IntelligenceEdit

  1. Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained and that could prove useful or vital to the other.
  2. Both signatories agree to give advanced notifications of any future or pending treaties which cause mutual assistance.
  3. Information provided by third parties, which are bound to one of the signatories by other agreements and have declared said information as "confidential", cannot be shared without explicit permission of these third parties.

Article 3: Non-AggressionEdit

  1. Both signatories agree to not, under any circumstances, attack any member of the other party.
  2. Should a member launch an attack on a signatory, the offender's alliance is responsible for stopping the attacks immediately and offering adequate reparations.

Article 4: Mutual DefenseEdit

  1. In the event that one of the signatories is attacked by another party, the other signatory is required to provide military, financial and diplomatic aid in whatever combination requested by the attacked alliance. The attacked alliance may also request that no aid be given.

Article 5: Optional AssistanceEdit

  1. Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war.

Following the request is, however, voluntarily.

Article 6: CancellationEdit

  1. If a signatory decides to cancel this agreement, it must give the other party a 72 hour notice prior to the official cancellation.


for The Phoenix Federation:

JBone of Boneslovia - The Fire
The Big Bad of Empire of the North - The Flame
The King of Town of Boulder - The Match
Mogar of Mogatopia - The Candle
Zerotoast of Toastopolis - The Spark

REDACTED: - The Ash ph34r.gif

The Torches

Boogeyman657 of BeanTown Nation
Desperado of Closure
Random Hero of CampKillYourself

for MCXA:
sam - co-chancellor
ololiqui - co-chancellor

High Council

jesse james

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