The "For Steve!" War
Date June 6, 2016 - Present
Casus belli Chimera allegedly breaking terms of Oculus-MI6 War
Preceded by
Three Strikes of the COBRA War
Succeeded by
NPO-Invicta War
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Oculus–MI6 War
Non Grata

NpO Flag Modified

Monsters, Inc. Flag
Monsters, Inc.

New Sith Order

MI6-flag MI6

The "For Steve!" War began when Non Grata attacked MI6 in a cryptically worded OWF announcement. The responses by many belligerents was "For Steve!", leading many to believe that the attack was a response to MI6 members attacking Steve Buschemi in TE. Later, this was clarified by NG to be a ruse, and that the real reason was MI6 not adhering to the terms of their surrender in the Oculus–MI6 War (i.e. alleged douchbaggery and poaching).

The War Expands

The escalated quickly, with New Polar Order nations joining in immediately (albeit undeclared) and a declaration by The Bear Cavalry. The New Sith Order and Monsters, Inc. declared shortly thereafter.

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