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The Multitude is a communist Utopia based on the intellectual tradition running from Marx through to Foucault, Deluze and Guatari, and Hart and Negri. It holds the dual ideals of freedom and equality dear. The Multitude is to be found on the Southern tip of the Northern Island of New Zealand.

Early HistoryEdit

The nation of the Multitude was conceived amid a peaceful revolution that began and finished on second of February in the year two thousand and six (Year Zero). Or rather, the revolution began on the day that the body of the earth was first settled by humanity and finished only with its total liberation which, at least for the citizens of the Multitude, occurred on the second of Febuary in the year two thousand and six (Year Zero). For, we must understand, this was primarily no physical revolution, but instead a social revolution, a revolution at the level of the socials. Freed from the shackles of oppressive capitalism and repressive representative 'democracy', the productive potential of the multitude was unleashed on the world stage. The results were and, moreover, continue to be, devastating.

A Holy Alliance: the era of NPOEdit

The young nation quickly realized that the world of the cyberverse was a dangerous and tumultuous one. Already a member of the red trading sphere, it seemed a logical progression for the fledgling nation to join the then fledgling New Pacific Order.

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Economic and Social ProductionEdit

The Multitude, while not one of the oldest nations, is famed throughout the cyberverse for both its economic and social production. While it is not the most powerful nation, it is consistently ranked as the fifth most wealthy nation in the cyberverse amassing a total income of well over ten million. The Multitude is naturally endowed with the enviable resource of fish and the not so enviable resource rubber. In spite of this, it manages to find trading partners with ease. After the construction of the BwO Harbor, trade relations expanded to encompass five nations within the red team sphere allowing the growing nation to receive Cattle, Gems, Iron, Lumber, Silver, Spices, Sugar, Uranium, Wheat and Wine. With the construction of a complex banking system regular trade surpluses were finally capable of being invested international markets allowing spectacular returns.

In contrast, its military is comparatively small; consisting solely of a standing army of 1500 soldiers; it possesses no other land, sea or air forces nor any cruise or nuclear weapons.

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