Tetridian Federation
Tournament Edition alliance
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tF Official Flag

War Flag
tF Motto: We Keep You Connected Like Tetris
Team Color Green
Founder(s) Pollard, ali5541, Baltus, Mack, tito, Arrnea
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The Tetridian Federation (formerly Tetris:TE) is a small tournament edition alliance on the green sphere. It was founded on 20th October 2010.


Tetris:TE was formed when Pollard decided that the Standard Edition alliance, Tetris, needed to expand onto Tournament Edition. The idea was put forward by a number of people, most of whom he has forgotten. The plan is to use the TE alliance as a place to train SE members in warfare, and also to invite friends and allies of Tetris in SE to join.

It was further expanded when members from the World Federation took interest. The Alliance was renamed Tetridian Federation, and appointed some new government members.

tF became sanctioned on the First Day of Round 14, a feat it continues to uphold to the day.


There is no formal charter for the Tetridian Federation, instead, the alliance is run by a 3 member Council. Each Councillor is equal and they are all expected to help out in each aspect of the alliance, allowing for greater transparency within the government.

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