Article IEdit

The Orange Defense Network (herein "ODN") surrenders to the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving (herein "GOONS") and The Initiative.

Article IIEdit

We the Orange Defense Network do apologize for beginning an aggressive war against the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving based on incorrect intelligence, and regret our involvement in the conflict.

We hereby officially surrender to the Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving and agree to all terms they have given us.

This has been a hard-fought battle and we have newfound respect for those that fought across the battlefield against us these past couple weeks. We are glad that this is finally coming to an end; we look forward to a new beginning on GOONS-ODN relations, and perhaps with the Initiative as a whole.

We also are sending over 10 tons of Orange Cake.

Article IIIEdit

As a gesture of goodwill, ODN will pay a sum of $288 million to nuke victims of GOONS. The aid will be distributed as GOONS sees fit.

Article IVEdit

In order to mend fences with Initiative alliances, $100 million will be given to each Initiative alliance that had a Non-Aggression Pact or equivalent treaty with ODN.

Article VEdit

The Orange Defense Network agrees that it will not resume hostilities against the Initiative and her allies for the remainder of this conflict.

Article VIEdit

The ODN recognizes that a breach of this document in letter or in spirit constitutes a declaration of war upon the Initiative.


Signed for ODNEdit

ODN Senate XII:

Signed for the InitiativeEdit

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