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Hello, Talkback. You have new messages at RogalBot's talk page.
You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{talkback}} template.
Template documentation


{{Talkback|your username}}
{{Talkback|your username|section}}

To have the links point to a non-user talk page, you must include the full talk page link.

{{Talkback|Talk:page name|section}}
{{Talkback|Wikipedia talk:page name|section}}

To include a timestamp, add ts=~~~~~ (five tildes).

{{Talkback|Talk:page name|section|ts=~~~~~}}
{{Talkback|your username|section|ts=~~~~~}}


  • Do not substitute this template!
  • This template may cause display errors if used in a section header; it is best to use it on a line by itself.

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