First parameter is position abbreviation. Second parameter, if defined as non-whitespace, will make it a comma-separated list instead of a bulleted list. If the second parameter is used where the template is in a table cell, the template call will need to be on a new line.

Editing an office held by 1

Central NPO leadership template. This is the only page you should update any of these positions; if you want to put it in another page, then just reference the data here.

For example, if you wanted to put the current emperor anywhere on a page: {{NPOlead|emp}}

For any position, you simply change the part that is after {{NPOlead|}}. Regent is "regent", Counselor is "couns", etc. Table of identifiers below:

Editing offices held by 2+

If you are adding multiple people to a position, you must do two things.

First, put each person in the rank on a different line; for example, Econ Affairs positions look like:

*[[John Edward]]
*[[Evangeline Anovilis]]

Second, check to see if the position is on the main NPO page's infobox. If so, you need to make a change like this to make it work (remove the modification from positions held by only one person). If you don't understand, contact Bobogoobo or Avic for help; if you can't get the preview to look correct, then contact them - don't screw up the page and leave it for someone else to fix.

Adding a new position

Find the heading for the department, e.g. <!--Internal-->. Each section is organized by sub-department and then by chain of command, with the highest positions at the top (then alphabetical). Find the appropriate location for the position you want to add. Come up with a short but descriptive abbreviation for the position's name; make sure it is unique among the keys used in the template. Put it on a new line with a pipe (|) preceding it and an equals sign following it. On another new line, put an asterisk followed by the name of the position holder in brackets (to make it a link - use full link syntax if necessary). Repeat if necessary for multiple people in the position. When in doubt, make sure you follow the pattern of the rest of the positions.

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