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This template is for an alliance that merges into an existing alliance and no new alliance is created. For an alliance that merges with other alliances to form a new alliance use {{Merger infobox}}.


Merge sign.svg Merge notice
This alliance merged to become part of the CPCN and TRF.

Merger occurred on/around January 20, 2009
More info is available here.
{{Merger infobox/into
|mergedinto = the [[Communist Party of CyberNations|CPCN]] and [[the Righteous Fist|TRF]]
|date = January 20, 2009
|url_for_more_info = http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=45765


{{Merger infobox/into
|mergedinto = 
|date = 
|url_for_more_info = 
|note = 
  • mergedinto: Alliance(s) with links to their pages, if available
  • date: The date on which the merger occured
  • url_for_more_info: The URL to the announcement topic
  • note: Any additional info

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