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Note: all parameters except Quote (1) are optional. If any others are used, it is necessary to leave the unused ones blank in order, or to label them specifically, i.e. |4 = author.

  • 1 = Quote: the quoted text.
  • 2 = Size: size of the quotation marks; 10px, 30px, 40px, 50px, or 60px.
  • 3 = Somehow skipped in creation of the template, so left blank.
  • 4 = Author: the speaker of the quote.
  • 5 = Origin: where the quote was spoken.


{{cquote|This is an example.|30px||Documentation|this page}}
{{cquote|This is an example.|30px|4=Documentation|5=this page}}


This is an example.

—Documentation, this page

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