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This template displays a horizontal graph representing a nation's total time in CN with each alliance occupying a part of the graph proportional to the time spent in that alliance. It currently supports up to twenty alliances, but more can easily be added.


{{Alliance time graph
|alliance1= |days1= |color1=
|alliance10= |days10= |color10=
|alliance20= |days20= |color20=

Explanation: width, float, and title are optional parameters; they default to 50%, left, and "Relative Time In Each Alliance," respectively. They can be omitted if not changed. All other parameters are required. Parameter nationage is the age of your nation in days; the easiest way to do this is {{seniority|<date>}}, where date can be written out or shortened (use mm/dd/yyyy for best results); use {{date difference}} for a deleted nation. The allianceX, daysX, and colorX parameters are the details for each alliance's block. E.g. alliance1 is the name of the first alliance you were/are in (it displays as hovertext on that alliance's block in the graph), days1 is the number of days you were a member (use {{seniority}} if it is your current alliance or {{date difference}} if not, though it is better to put a raw number of days for former alliances), and color1 is the color in which you want that alliance's block to be displayed (can be named colors or hex codes including the "#"). Repeat these parameters as desired.


{{Alliance time graph
|nationage={{seniority|January 1, 2011}}
|alliance1=Alliance One |days1={{date difference|2011|1|1|2011|2|1}} |color1=red
|alliance2=Alliance Two |days2={{date difference|2011|2|1|2011|3|1}} |color2=orange
|alliance3=Alliance Three |days3={{date difference|2011|3|1|2011|4|1}} |color3=yellow
|alliance4=Alliance Four |days4={{date difference|2011|4|1|2011|5|1}} |color4=green
|alliance5=Alliance Five |days5={{date difference|2011|5|1|2011|6|1}} |color5=blue
|alliance6=Alliance Six |days6={{date difference|2011|6|1|2011|7|1}} |color6=purple
|alliance7=Alliance Seven |days7={{date difference|2011|7|1|2011|8|1}} |color7=brown
|alliance8=Alliance Eight |days8={{date difference|2011|8|1|2011|9|1}} |color8=black
|alliance9=Alliance Nine |days9={{date difference|2011|9|1|2011|10|1}} |color9=#123456
|alliance10=Alliance Ten |days10={{seniority|October 1, 2011}} |color10=#ABC


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