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Previous alliances Edit

Lower Positions Edit

  • Knight - GGA
  • Diplomat - PhPF
  • Minister of Spam - PhPF
  • Minister of Admissions - PhPF
  • Regent MoFA - ACF

Leadership Positions Edit

    • Lord of The Phoenix - PhPF
    • Co-Founder/Ruling Council Member - TeLF
    • Co-Founder/High Council Member - ACF
    • Supreme High Councilman - ACF

The History of Tehol Edit

Tehol's Future Edit

July 2009

This thread explains what happened to tehol and ACF, for the most part. Basically he had to quit, and since ACF wouldn't have survived even with him, he merged ACF into the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers. Many members went to Asgaard as well.

Tehol in 2010 Edit

March 2, 2010

You may have noticed that tehol is still here, over 1,000 days (1,083) old, and that July 28, 2009 is long past. How did this happen? Somehow tehol still managed to sign in once every 20 days or so, and even after all of his tech was gone, he couldn't delete or properly abandon. Then, war rolled around, and tehol found himself ready to get nuked. In reality, this was only his frame of mind. He knew that, with no technology, only 130 million, and limited war experience, he was likely to get creamed. He did, but not without surprising himself, and dealing out a fair number of nukes before his three offensive wars began to overwhelm him. On a side note, his wars were with Wyvren, DRAGONS LAIR and Jenova.

What is the significance of this? Well, suddenly tehol had a renewed good experience with the game, that was strong enough to overpower his previous mild aversion to the game, based upon non-blagotube realities.

October 24, 2010

As of now, Tehol is, and has been, in Asgaard. Nothing notable can be currently attributed to tehol, although he recently took his nation on an infra jump.

Profile History Edit

Signature History Edit

These are the pictures tehol has used over the course of his CN experience, in order of usage.

Avatar History Edit

As tehol's signature history, his avatar history is minimal. Tehol's original avatar has been misplaced; it was a picture of the Queen of England, with her jaw dropped via. MS paint shkillz. [br](tehol in no way endorses the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Tehol simply thinks that this picture is funny.)

Nation Information Edit

Everything else that currently has import is under lether

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