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Technology purchasing and aiding.
For the current incarnation of the Tech Corps, see the Economic Affairs page.

The Technology Corps, or Tech Corps for short, has seen many different phases since its inception in 2007. However, its mission statement has always been the same: “To provide much needed technology at the lowest cost possible”. To accomplish this, The Order has gathered a talented group of members, to head a department that has moved over 170,000 units of technology.

In addition to providing technology to larger nations, the Tech Corps serves a nobler purpose by helping to stimulate the growth of smaller nations who act as Procurers for the Tech Corps. These smaller nations make up the core body of the department, and can acquire technology at a relatively low cost. They in turn, sell it to larger nations at a fixed-ceiling price. This price makes it unnecessary to compete in the free market. The Procurers then use the profits from their deals to invest in their nation’s infrastructure, thus growing faster. When the Procurer decides that they no longer can procure technology for the Tech Corps, he or she will then become buyers from the same department that they once worked.

Overseeing the facilitation of these technology transfers is a group known to the rest of The Order as Dispatchers. The Dispatchers’ core responsibility is to set up deals between Procurers and respective buyers. The Dispatchers will notify buyers that their orders have been approved and in turn will so notify the Procurers that there is buyer for their tech. They are greatly admired for not only their dedication and time given to the Tech Corps, but they are also the “face” of the department. They are most visible of all the employees belonging to the Tech Corps, they make first contact with the buyers and the sellers, and are constantly keeping in contact with Procurers, Managers, and Executives. As such, the role of the Dispatcher is an integral part of the Tech Corps.

Supervising the Dispatchers are the Managers. As the name entails, they manage. They audit the orders and make sure that monies/tech are sent/received in a timely manner. They also make sure that any issues arising during a technology transfer is swiftly addressed and a solution found. In addition, they propose possible special projects and assist in the mechanics of those special projects. They handle the day to day running of the department.

Overall control of the Tech Corps belongs to the Executives. They make sure that the Tech Corps is fulfilling its envisioned purpose and is evolving to suit the changing CN environment. They coordinate inter-departmental projects that result in the continued growth of The Order and those who serve her. Their continued contribution to the Tech Corps has seen the department grow and prosper to a size that was never dreamt of when the original idea of a Technology Corps was proposed.

The Tech Corps also runs alongside the Technology Market, which is a free lance style service where any nation is able to buy and sell.

Tech Corps RanksEdit

  • Executive v2 Executives looked after the long term issues facing the Tech Corps as well as working towards improving the Tech Corps however they can.
  • Manager v2 Managers were tasked with overseeing the day-to-day management of the Corp and ensured that it ran smoothly.
  • Technologyadvisor v2 Technology Advisors were former Executives and Managers who retired but were maintained on the Tech Corps staff to provide advise on Tech affairs.
  • Dispatcher v2 Dispatchers worked tirelessly in maintaining and monitoring their teams of 8-15 Procurers, ensuring tech was sent out on a timely manner.
  • Seniorprocurer v2 Senior Procurers were recognized with this tag after having sent out 1,000 technology.
  • Procurer v2 Procurers were smaller/lower ranking nations that were responsible for the production of technology for the Order.

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