Technological Equality Deal
Type of treaty Free Trade Agreement
Drafted 19 January 2011
- location
19 January 2011
St. George's, Bermuda
Sealed 19 January 2011
Effective 19 January 2011
Signatories PACIFIC EMPIRE Pacific Empire

Bermuda union Bermuda Union

Language English

The Technological Equality Deal hopes to give huge sums of money for the Pacific Empire while giving the Bermuda Union the lost secret technological advancements of the now defunct Arctic Federation.


The Pacific Empire knows its lack of surplus budget to invest on infrastructure development and to fund social programs. The Bermuda Union on the other hand also knows its lack of technological advancements in the fields of weaponry, space research and medicine. With the strengths of both nations complementing the weaknesses of the other, the Pacific Empire agrees on sharing its technological advantages with the Bermuda Union in exchange for money and protection.

Article IEdit

Section IEdit

The Pacific Empire hereby agrees to share any technological advancements procured by the government or by the BLITZ International to the Bermuda Union especially in the fields of weaponry, space research, and medicine.

Section IIEdit

The Bermuda Union hereby agrees to give foreign aid to the Pacific Empire worth 15,000,000 Pacifican Reichsmark (IPR) every month.

Article IIEdit

Section IEdit

The Pacific Empire and Bermuda Union allows the transportation of goods from the two nations to be shipped with no taxes placed. These goods may include natural resources, weapons, equipments, industrial products, cars, foods and others.

Section IIEdit

The signatories of this deal hereby agrees to let any companies from any industry to expand on to the other given that it has the sanctioned permit of its government.

Article IIIEdit

Section IEdit

The signatories of this deal agrees to protect each other during times of war so as not to disrupt the exchange of goods and other services mentioned in this treaty.

Section IIEdit

The signatories of this deal agrees to help each other during times of calamities and disasters with a minimum foreign aid of 3,000,000 worth of humanitarian aid from each respective currency.


For the Pacific Empire,

For the Bermuda Union,

  • Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave, Chairman
  • Berthold Gregor Ridz Durandal, Chief Executive Officer
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