A tech raid is a raid on a nation that is usually smaller than the attacker and is usually unaligned (not belonging to any alliance).

Why do people tech raid? Edit

A tech raid is to steal the victims tech, land, or sometimes money, but mainly to steal technology. After admin added XP to the game in 2013 tech raiders will often use all available attacks so they gain the maximum available XP.

When is it over? Edit

Tech raids are usually given instant peace when the victim requests it, but people who are greedy or in desperate need of tech demand tech for peace.

What if it says its being destroyed and I'm not getting it? Edit

After a nation has not collected taxes for 13 days the nation will usually not be targetted as any ground attacks conducted will destroy the money, land, and tech instead of giving it to the attacker.

But they're only 7 days inactive!

After a nation has no soldiers (and therefore in anarchy) it will also stop giving out the tech, land, and money and start destroying it, when attacked.

What do tech raids consist of? Edit

Tech raids used to normally/usually consist of ground attacks for tech, land and money. But with the addition of XP tech raiders usually conduct all available attacks to gain maximum XP, so they will conduct two: ground attacks, cruise missles, bombing runs and spy ops.

Only when a raid "goes bad", due to the the defender fighting back, will nuclear weapons typically be involved since at that point the attacker will surely lose more than they gained in the end.

Support? Edit

Most alliances will not back you up if you tech raid unless another alliance is upset with you. The usual line is "Tech Raid at your own risk".

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