Flag of Invicta

National Flag
Established 7/11/2006
(5,139 days old)
Alliance Flag of Invicta
Regnum Invictorum
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Nation Team Purple team Purple


The nation of tdub- was founded in late 2006 by DoubleU. In early 2007, he and Dawny co-founded the alliance of Invicta together, which grew in size and power.


Presidents of Invicta
Flag of Invicta DoubleU · Dawny · Atlashill · Jorost · Nascar8FanGA · Dan2680 · Thrash · Rotty · Ellis Presidential Flag of Invicta

DoubleU has served as the President of Invicta, since retired, and now has received the status of "Honoured Member and Co-Founder".

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