Formed: January 4th, 2012
Place of Origin: Republic of Celtic
Formed by: King Dope
Known Alliances: Celtic World Order
Notable Tayists: King Dope
Jim Smith

Tayism is a political, spiritiual and philosophical ideology. It combines the old earth views of humanism, irreligion, Secularism along with capitalist democracy with a socialist mindset in certain areas such as healthcare.

Tayists don't believe in organised religion, they see it as merely a fictional piece of storytelling and should not interfere with society and politics as a whole. Tayists usually are athiests, agnostics and deists. A Tayist society is mostly a liberal one.

Politically they believe in secular republican democracy free of religion or religious belief. The Tayist's society is largely a capitalist one with socialist areas such as healthcare.


The word Tayism or Tayist is in fact a tribute to a former politician of the late '00s: Taylorm2. Taylorm2 is considered to be the most successful Prime Minister of the EUFN, the former alliance formed by the Tayist King Dope

Tayist AlliancesEdit

As of 2016 There is currently no alliance with Tayism as their ideology. Celtic World Order was the world's first Tayist alliance.

List of Tayist alliancesEdit

List of Notable political Tayism partiesEdit

  • Tayist party: Once powerful party included members King Dope and Jim Smith. Used to rule several nations and the Celtic World Order. Declined rapidly since the Celtic Revolution in the Republic of Celtic. Twinned to the now defunct Forwardist Party.
  • New Tayism Party: A party that is currently ruling the Republic of Celtic. Members include Sonyoaks.
  • Neo Tayism party: A party that was dominating some T.E.A nations.


After six months of existence, Tayism has officially been adopted as the ideology of the Celtic World Order in July 2012 however a year later the alliance disbanded and as of 2014 no alliance has adopted it.

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