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Tavda (Finn. Tavata) is a Uralican city in Southeast Uralica, and before the annexation of Yamalia and Yugra, was also the easternmost major centre in the nation, being 360 kilometres west by northwest of Yekaterinburg city centre.

It sits at the confluence of the city's namesake river (a tributary of the Tobol River within the Ob-Irtysh Drainage Basin) and the Azanka River, which gives the city a divided look when viewed by satellite.

Unlike a lot of major Uralican centres, Tavda did not suffer a drop in population due to depletion of a primary resource. In fact, its population has been fairly consistent since the turn of the millennium, with any change in population - all growth - having occurred fairly recently. The reason is, it has had a diverse industrial base to draw upon, and still does to this day. Railroad manufacturing, metallurgy, textiles and cloth, sporting goods manufacturing, fish canning, pulp and paper production, sawmilling, machine-building, small-scale boat-building, and the production of fine jewelry all have a foothold within Tavda. It is also an important retail hub for the area, a junction city for travellers coming southwest from Yugra, and an entry city for travellers coming from the southeast - a minor highway connects to Highway UH-24 at the border, and leads on to Tyumen' and other major centres.


The origin of the name "Tavda" is the Mansi word "tout," meaning "river," but there were no Mansi that actually lived in Tavda according to the last major census. 87% of the population is ethnic Russian, with the largest minority (6%) being Bashkirs.

This homogeneity is offset somewhat by the fact that 100% of the population speaks both Russian and Finnish, with most of the population speaking English as well. Mansi, Bashkir, and Hungarian also showed up in the census as being spoken fluently.

The biggest cultural attraction in the city by far is the Tavdinsky Historical Museum Complex, which contains a Mansi-ethnographic museum, a nature museum, and a museum dedicated to the still-booming forestry industry.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Dinamo Tavda

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Tavda
  • Spartak Tavda
  • Bumazhnik Tavda
  • Lesnokombinat Tavda
  • Lesnik Tavda
  • Tekstilshchik Tavda
  • Metallurg Tavda
  • Tavadan JK
  • Zheleznik Tavda
  • Lokomotiv Tavda
  • FK Indra
  • FK Severnaya Tavda


  • Tavdinsky RMS

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Tavda Lumberjacks

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Bol'shiye Chandyri
  • Belyy Yar
  • Indra
  • Peshchani
  • Severnaya Tavda