A tank.

Tanks are armored fighting vehicles, able to protect soldiers and capable of unleashing much more damage, both in the real world and in Cyber Nations.

Details[edit | edit source]

In order to purchase tanks, a nation must have at least 10 technology. You can purchase up to 10% of your soldier count, or 8% of your civilian population count, whichever is less at the time.

Tanks cost 40 times whatever your soldiers may cost to purchase. They have a base upkeep cost of $40. Iron and Oil lowers tank upkeep costs by -5%, Lead lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs by -8%.

Each tank has an offensive battle strength of 25 (compared to 2 battle strength of a regular soldier), and a defensive battle strength of 30. Attacking tanks reduces enemy infrastructure strength bonuses by up to 1% per 100 tanks, up to 7,500 tanks.

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