A tank.

Tanks are armored fighting vehicles, able to protect soldiers and capable of unleashing much more damage, both in the real world and in Cyber Nations.

Details Edit

In order to purchase tanks, a nation must have at least 10 technology. You can purchase up to 10% of your soldier count, or 8% of your civilian population count, whichever is less at the time.

Tanks cost 40 times whatever your soldiers may cost to purchase. They have a base upkeep cost of $40. Iron and Oil lowers tank upkeep costs by -5%, Lead lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs by -8%.

Each tank has an offensive battle strength of 25 (compared to 2 battle strength of a regular soldier), and a defensive battle strength of 30. Attacking tanks reduces enemy infrastructure strength bonuses by up to 1% per 100 tanks, up to 7,500 tanks.

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