Tango Down

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Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Raoul Duke
Founded Oct 1, 2008



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Introduction to Tango Down [TD]
Created the first of October by Raoul Duke & Hastopia former BW/OBR members. Originally called Black Lab!. On Nov4 the decision to change names was finalized thus we are now known as Tango Down. We are an all black sphere military based group providing free speech to all our membership. Our forums could be considered to some as Not-Work-Safe so Those weary of expression need not apply. As we are a close knit community no one shall be left out or forgotten.
Our alliance offers applicants/members protection first and fore most. We are very close with our Protectorate UC and thank them gratefully for all the support to date. Our aid cascades are first rate, those active or in interest will be provided the necessary means to grow much quicker than the average user or those lost in bigger alliances. As we are still a newly formed group members will be able to play a large part in its creation.

Requirement for Membership:
Must support fellow nations during Wartime.
Member of Black Color Sphere
Acknowledge: A Non Work Safe Environment can be present w/n Forums.

Rules of Engagement:
Members may only attack Non-Affiliated Nations that aren't Black or Red.

Contact Info
mIRC Coldfront #TangoDown

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