This article already violates the style guidelines. Having a news infobox is just another, useless, violation of them. Michael von Preußen

I disagree, the style guidlines state:

   * Do not make nonfactual opinion statements, such as "The GPA is the greatest alliance ever", or "Join the NPO, we are the best!"
   * Do not make nonfactual statements of any other kind, such as "My country is 4,487,397,304 miles wide!", or "My nation is awesome."
   * Do not bias an article.
   * Do not write the article as an advertisement.
   * Do not write the article from first person, but third person. Example: Do not write "I then grew ten miles," but "Adaland then grew ten miles." 

A little infobox on our news does not violate any of these terms. The rest of the article is going to be cleaned up soon to remove any bias. Stop ruining fun.


German Name Edit

I'd just like to know if the German name for the alliance as stated - "Das Deutsche Kaiserreich" - is officially sanctioned by the TGE government. I merely question this because from a historical perspective, the RL German Empire was technically referred to as "Das Deutsche Reich." Recently, someone made an edit to the Wikipedia page for said nation to change the name, but it is incorrect. If the name was just ported from Wikipedia, it should be changed to "Das Deutsche Reich." Michael von Preußen  voicemail • nation 

The name was ported from Wikipedia so that probs where ther linguistic error comes from, thanks for the correction. ~ Gav236 (voicemail) • (nation) 21:25, November 23, 2009 (UTC)
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