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Question: is the Yiddish name specified provided by the person behind the nation, or is it your own translation? Because I'm 99% sure it's incorrect. Michael von Preußen  voicemail • nation 

Actually, nevermind. It was just a small error which will be corrected five seconds after I post this. An Arabic letter wound its way in there somehow o.O Michael von Preußen  voicemail • nation 

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Didn't want to accidentally cause you an edit conflict, so I figured I'd post here instead. The Japanese short-form of Japan should be 日本 (Nippon). 日本国 would be considered the long-form of present-day Japan's name, much as ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ would be considered the long form of Mongolia. In both cases, "-koku" and "Uls" merely denote land, nation, or country; hence their exclusion from English where saying "Japan Land" would be considered redundant, and "Mongol Land" is shortened to "Mongolia". Michael von Preußen  voicemail • nation  @ 0:34, Décadi, 30 Floréal CCXVIII

Heh, the "日本国" part was posted by Soviet Haruhi in my embassy thread. :P Anyways, thanks for the correction. I've edited it now.  Pikachurin   Talk • Contribs   20:58, Tuesday, 18 May 2010 (ET)
Hmm... well, if it's part of his roleplay, set it however you like here if you wish to keep consistent with CNRP, but I'm willing to bet that was based on Wikipdia's infobox setup on Japan, with "Japan" listed as the English name followed by "日本国" as the Japanese name. Wikipedia really does an atrocious job of explaining the use of "国". >.> Michael von Preußen  voicemail • nation  @ 0:45, Décadi, 30 Floréal CCXVIII
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