Tales of Random Insanity refer to a collection of stories written by or for the Random Insanity Alliance.

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Waffle KingEdit

by OVERLORD Ikaru of the Order of Light
published February 28, 2010

Cthulu the cactaur was determined to become the Waffle King. Our young protagonist grew up watching the show on the Food Network, and had long dreamt of winning it. Today, he was auditioning for the show on Bikanel Island. His plan was to make his signature Needle Waffles. He arrived at the Oasis, where the auditions were to be held, at 9:00AM sharp. Cthulu was immediately led to the temporary shelter where they had set up the audition kitchens. Inside, he found all the ingredients he needed and was given half an hour to produce waffles for the five audition judges, all while a cameraman roamed the kitchens. He dove right into action, making the batter as fast as he could. In minutes, he was almost ready to start cooking the waffles. The only thing missing was the needles. He only need about a cup of them, however, so he shot off the first nine hundred twenty or so of his 1000 Needles attack through the roof of the shelter. He cooked his waffles during the rest of the time amidst the shocked stares of the other contestants. When the time came for judging to take place, his waffles were the only ones ready. Needless to say, he went on to appear on the actual show in Luca, winning $10,000 and the title of Waffle King.


One Thousand One Hundred Thirty-Nine Nights: Tales of Random InsanityEdit

Main article: History of the Random Insanity Alliance

One Thousand One Hundred Thirty-Nine Nights: Tales of Random Insanity is a history of the Random Insanity Alliance currently collected in 23 volumes, ranging from July 2006 to November 2009.


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