Date 27 Dec 2009—2 Jan 2010
Casus belli Alleged TPF Espionage
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Succeeded by
57th-BC War

SF main banner
The SuperFriends

Disputed Involvement[2]
Coincidence Coalition

Common Defense Treaty


Duckroll Project

Peace & Love Train


Flag of Athens Angryraccoon
Mflag Extra Duty
Flag of the Global Order of Darkness Xiphosis

TPFflag mhawk
Flag of The Order of the Paradox LiquidMercury

Update +2h, 27 Dec
15 minutes following GOD DoW
Athens, RoK, \m/, GOD

580 nations
17,296,003 NS
4,466 nukes
Update +53m, 28 Dec

590 nations
17,800,847 NS
4,589 nukes
Update +13h, 29 Dec

597 nations
17,740,976 NS
4,552 nukes
Update +5h, 30 Dec

602 nations
17,949,649 NS
4,605 nukes
Update +45m, 31 Dec

605 nations
17,873,039 NS
4,599 nukes
Update +3.5h, 2 Jan

607 nations
17,777,118 NS
4,556 nukes

Update +2h, 27 Dec
15 minutes following GOD DoW

117 nations
2,568,020 NS
792 nukes
Update +53m, 28 Dec

119 nations
2,536,260 NS
752 nukes
Update +13h, 29 Dec

119 nations
2,273,566 NS
609 nukes
Update +5h, 30 Dec

119 nations
2,121,209 NS
542 nukes
Update +45m, 31 Dec

121 nations
2,020,727 NS
530 nukes
Update +3.5h, 2 Jan

2,347 nations
60,096,079 NS
14,242 nukes
^  Alternative names include SuperGrievances.
^ ^ While the Aeonic Imperium and United Purple Nations made no official declarations of war, several of of their members launched wars against TPF nations during and after the initial attack on TPF. The government of UPN, which is a member of the Coincidence Coalition-aligned Common Defense Treaty, has condemned the wars and confirmed they were not authorized. AI and UPN are not included in statistics.
^  Invicta is listed under Poseidon but is also a member of the Common Defense Treaty

The TPF War, also known by various other names, was an alliance war fought on and around the new year of 2010 when Athens alleged that The Phoenix Federation initiated spying and infiltration operations against it during the Karma War of several months prior, and that some such operations were still in existence. The war quickly escalated and threatened to engulf Planet Bob into global conflict, but a negotiated cease fire was attained before escalation became unstoppable.


Alternative names for the TPF War include the Worst War Ever (see below), the Sitzkrieg, the Blue Balls War, the Hard Six War, the Just War, and the Phoenix War.


Casus BelliEdit

Athens alleged that TPF leader mhawk had dispatched spies to infiltrate and destroy Athens. Ragnarok claims that mhawk plotted the same operation for them, but had not actually started the process. Within two hours of the 26–27 December update, three other alliances had issued declarations of war against TPF: Ragnarok, \m/, and the Global Order of Darkness.

The WarEdit

For several days TPF bore the brunt of attacks upon it alone. At the update of 1/2 January 2010, a coalition of TPF allies styling themselves the Coincidence Coalition declared war on Athens, \m/, and the Global Order of Darkness (notably, no declarations were made on Ragnarok), causing the CN Boards to go offline briefly. Despite the mass declaration, due to the fact many nations involved in the war were in peace mode, only twenty-four wars were declared by the Coincidence Coalition in-game.

With both sides locked in a stalemate of peace mode, little actual fighting going on, and the majority of the cyberverse poised on the brink of potential global war, a blanket cease fire was negotiated and announced twenty minutes before the 3 January update. Thus the war effectively ended.

Public ResponseEdit

Warhawks around the Cyberverse had clearly been pining for a new prolonged conflict, and reacted negatively to the war's peaceful conclusion.[1]

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Declarations of WarEdit

Athens, RoK, and allies

Coincidence Coalition

Declarations of SupportEdit

Athens, RoK, and allies

Coincidence Coalition


Surrenders / WithdrawalsEdit

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27th December 2009
2nd January 2009


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