The Phoenix Collective & United Sovereign Nations Mutual Defense Pact

The Phoenix Collective
United Sovereign Nations

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: 6 October 2007
Treaty Cancelled: 01 May 2008
Treaty Status: Cancelled

Treaty TextEdit


To protect and maintain the prosperous relations and views of our alliances from aggressors, The Phoenix Collective and the United Sovereign Nations agree to the following terms of mutual defense.

Article IEdit

In the signing of this pact, it must be clear that both organizations will remain sovereign of each other. This pact is not a merger of any kind, and its terms apply only when unprovoked threats to the security of either alliance exist.

Article IIEdit

In the signing of this pact, both Alliances agree to defend and aid one another in times of defensive war when needed and requested by the other signatory. Should one of the signatory alliances be attacked by a third power, the other is required to come to its assistance with their full military strength and financial resources.

  • The use of spies against either alliance will be considered an act of war.

Article IIIEdit

It must be clear that this pact is intended to only defend the safety and prosperity of the signatories, and will not be used as a tool to assist in any aggressive acts of either alliance. This treaty will not be activated if one or more of the following requirements are met.

  • If one of the signatory alliances commits an act of aggression that results in retaliatory strikes.
  • If one of the signatory alliances performs acts of espionage against another alliance.
  • If one of the signatory alliances commits a verbal attack upon an outside power that results in retaliatory strikes.

Article IVEdit

If this pact is to be broken, both signatory alliances must agree to the following.

  • The alliance leaving must notify the other alliance of their intentions to break the pact at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Both alliances agree to a 1 week period of mandatory non-aggression, in which neither Alliance may declare war upon the other.


The Phoenix Collective

  • Canadian1971- Prime Minister
  • ImAHighSamurai- Foreign/Internal Affairs
  • Sprcforr- Defense Minister
  • TooBadd Nation- Recruiting Minister
  • Bart Simpson- Finance Minister
  • Chancelor Martok- Trade Minister

The United Sovereign Nations Admin Council:

  • Goose
  • Cora McStrap
  • Xiao Weng

High Council:

  • Gibson- Minister or Economics
  • Dman- Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Mrseamonkey- Minister of Recruitment
  • KaitlinK- Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Wpgkid1- Security General

GATO-1V WarEdit

During the GATO-1V War USN entered in support of its ally the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations by declaring on the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Somehow The Phoenix Collective came to believe that USN had in fact declared on their ally the MCXA and issued a cancellation of this treaty on 30 April. The truth of the matter was that USN had not issued any such declaration and that the only wars involving MCXA/USN nations had been with MCXA as the aggressor. BartSimpson of TPC retracted the cancellation once this came to light, however the damage to relations had been done and USN issued its own cancellation the next day.

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