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Date March 17, 2010 — March 24, 2010
Casus belli UIR/INC attack on TMF
Result TMF Victory
Preceded by
Operation Infinite Dickery
Succeeded by
The Moralist Front
United Incorporated Republics
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Industrial Nations Coalition
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Initial Stats (March 17th)
Nations: 14
Nation Strength: 38,517
Average NS: 2,751
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.30

March 21st
Nations: 14
Nation Strength: 39,307
Average NS: 2,808
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.31

Initial Stats - March 17th (UIR Only)
Nations: 10
Nation Strength: 12,271
Average NS: 1,227
Nukes: 0

March 21st (UIR Only)
Nations: 7
Nation Strength: 2,227
Average NS: 318
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.10

The TMF-UIR War is a conflict between the Moralist Front, the United Incorporated Republics, and the Industrial Nations Coalition.


The Moralist Front had been in a conflict with another alliance, Jerusalem, during the winter of 2009. The conflict ended with Jerusalem's destruction. Jerusalem's leader, KingTallioer, went on to found the United Incorporated Republics.


After an exchange of hostile messages, KingTallioer of the United Incorporated Republics launched an attack on Vilien, Speaker of the Moralist Front. An hour later, Ivanovich of the Industrial Nations Coalition launched an attack on Vilien as well. The attacks were unrelated. The Moralist Front responded to the attacks by declaring war on both the United Incorporated Republics and the Industrial Nations Coalition.


The TMF-UIR War ended on March 24, 2010 with the surrender of Ivanovich and KingTallioer to the Moralist Front. In addition, KingTallioer agreed to pay $6 million in reparations to the Moralist Front. Both UIR and INC were greatly weakened by the conflict.

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