TMF-Supremacy League War
Date October 2, 2009 — October 4, 2009
Casus belli Supremacy League attacks on TMF, Menotah, and the Southern Union
Result Supremacy League destroyed; White Star Alliance formed
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ironwood-FDA War
The Moralist Front
Supremacy League
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Initial Stats (October 2nd)
Nations: 8
Nation Strength: 15,271
Average NS: 1,909
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.15

Second Day (October 3rd)
Nations: 8
Nation Strength: 16,898
Average NS: 2,112
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.16

Initial Stats (October 2nd)
Nations: 8
Nation Strength: 11,241
Average NS: 1,405
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.14

Second Day (October 3rd)
Nations: 3
Nation Strength: 5,069
Average NS: 1,690
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.05

The TMF-Supremacy League War was a conflict between the Moralist Front and the Supremacy League.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Supremacy League had been involved in a number of rogue attacks on two alliances, Menotah and the Southern Union, during its first few weeks of existence. These attacks had been responded to, but no formal alliance-wide declarations of war had been issued. At 2:50 PM on September 30, 2009, AlHarmAhman of the Supremacy League attacked brennan s chambre of the Moralist Front. The Moralist Front entered negotiations with the Supremacy League soon afterward, backed up by her allies in TORN.

Negotiations were tense, with both sides refusing to budge on both the amount of reparations to be paid. The amount of $500,000 was agreed upon as suitable reparations for the attack, and peace was reached. However, upon checking the Supremacy League's war screens, the Moralist Front discovered that the Supremacy League had been involved in a number of attacks on both Menotah and the Southern Union. After consulting both alliances, the Moralist Front recognized a state of war against the Supremacy League, citing the defense of those suffering the rogue attacks.

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