Date July 07 — July 08, 2009
Casus belli GDI makes pre-emptive strike on TMF for "hostility"
Result GDI surrenders unconditionally to TMF
Preceded by
Karma War
Succeeded by
Itova-Illini War
The Moralist Front
GDI regular flag
Global Defense Initiative
Initial Stats (July 8th)
Nations: 1
Nation Strength: 1,643
Average NS: 1,643
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.02

Initial Stats (July 8th)
Nations: 26
Nation Strength: 76,226
Average NS: 2,932
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.58

Background Edit

On July 7, 2009, the leader of The Moralist Front, Vilien, and the leader of the Global Defense Initiative, RyanGDI, were discussing a merger between their alliances. Talks fell through, and the conversation quickly became heated with insults exchanged between both parties. RyanGDI, believing Vilien to have threatened GDI, ordered GDI member Technician1578 to attack Vilien. Hostilities began at 9:26 server time.[1]

This mistake was immediately recognized by RyanGDI, who attempted to bargain for peace and for forgiveness, offering $3 million to Vilien to keep quiet about the attack. Vilien immediately asked for a mediator and witnesses to view the peace process. Despite an hour and a half of negotiations, talks ultimately failed. The Global Defense Initiative did not view The Moralist Front as a proper alliance, which The Moralist Front viewed as an insult. GDI was given until five minutes before update to post its own declaration of war on TMF. When this declaration did not occur, The Moralist Front officially recognized a state of war with GDI.[2]

The War Edit

The actual war was short lived and not particularly damaging. In total there were only four cruise missile attacks, two air attacks, and four ground attacks exchanged between all combatants.

Conclusion Edit

On July 8, negotiations commenced once again. RyanGDI had already moved to peace mode after viewing the many belligerent posts on the Open World Forum. After negotiating, RyanGDI agreed to accept the Moralist Front's original terms of surrendering unconditionally and issuing an apology.[3] The war officially lasted slightly more than eighteen hours.


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