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TLD system area plans


TLD system under construction

TLD System[]

The TLD System or Tactical Laser Defense System is a new laser defense system under consruction by Communist Empire near Moscow.


The TLD system is designed to be able to use its chemical laser to shoot down all types of missiles aswell as aircraft, it is protected by several railway laser guns and its own fighter defense force. As soon as construction started the military top brass presented Aaron J with the idea to link the TLD system to CIBSAI but Aaron J refused as he has on numerous occasions about linking weapons to CIBSAI as he would not want the AI to have a weapon of that power incase it ever rebelled.


The TLD system is a long tower attached to four cooling towers and four power generators, on top on the tower is a chemical laser orb which can fire a long range laser at 360 degrees. There is also four emergency underground power generators as backups should the four above ground generators be destroyed. The TLD system also has very powerful tracking radars and has four ECM defense systems aswell to scramble enemy missile and tracking electronics.


The TLD system has a range of 2,000 km, this can be increased if more power is used in the laser but the more power that it used in the laser the hotter the TLD system gets and the longer it takes to cool down, power usage has to be carfuly monitored if too much power is used in the laser it could over heat the TLD system and explode. The TLD system has enough range to completely cover St Petersburg and Aaron Js private mansion at Lake Ladoga near St Petersburg from missile and aircraft attack.


At the moment only one TLD system is under construction and is located near Moscow, because of its long range no more are planned for construction at the moment but there is already talk of building one in each CR. Because of the large size of the TLD system and the high tech equipment it uses each one costs around 60,000,000,000 rubles, all costs are covered in the national military budget. The TLD system has been under construction for four months now and with the large number of workers and the high tech equipment being used to build the TLD system it is scheduled to be ready in four months.