TIO has a Small Super Power

League of Small Superpowers
Flag of LoSS
The Imperial Order

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 13 March 2011
Treaty Status: Active

The TIO has a Small Super Power is a MDoAP between League of Small Superpowers and The Imperial Order. It was announced on 13 March 2011.

TIO has a Small Super PowerEdit

Article 1Edit

The Imperial Order(Hence forth known as TIO) and the League of Small Superpowers(Hence forth known as LoSS) love each other very much and would never do anything to hurt each other or inhibit the other's freewill.

Article 2Edit

TIO always has LoSS's back and LoSS always has TIO's back, 'nuff said.

Article 3Edit

TIO and LoSS like to beat up on people who aren't as super, and sometimes they like to do it together, it is entirely optional though.

Article 4Edit

Neither TIO or LoSS have the power to read minds, so if one get a piece of intel that concerns the other, they should share it.

Article 5Edit

Sometimes, people with super powers don't get along, if that happens then 40,000 helpings of Kryptonite is to be applied to the treaty and in 72 hours it will no longer exist.

Signed for TIOEdit

  • Skippy, the Glorious Imperial High Commander of Amazing Glorious Glory of Outback Australia, Destroyer of Worlds, Crazy Australian and Excessive Title Extraordinaire

Signed for LoSSEdit

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