This is a treaty signed between two friends. The Immortals and =Western Empire= sign this in good faith.

1. Non-agression. Both alliances agree to never attack the other. In the event that a member raids a member of the other alliance reperations will be worked out between the two alliances.

2. Aid At any point either alliance may request any form of aid from the other. This includes, but is not limited to, diplomatic, finacial, military, or other forms of aid. Any request is optional for the other alliance to fufill.

3. Information Both alliances are responsible for sharing information about a possible attack with the other alliance. Failure to inform the other of an attack may be grounds for immediate cancelation of this treaty.

4. Friendship Both alliances are friends and should act as such. They should refrain from any inflamatory remarks of the other alliance in public places. Any complaints should be handeled in a private setting so that things can get worked out in a better way.

5. Pie Both alliances are required to give each other Pie from time to time.

6. Cancelation In the event that ether party wishes to cancle this treaty they must inform the other one. After that this treaty will remain active for 29 hours.

Signed for =WE=, Emperor ~ Master-Debater Imperial Officer of Diplomacy ~ Lord Frost Imperial Officer of Finance~ Anjou Poiters Imperial Officer of Recruitment~ Commander Cato Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs~ Oda

For Immortals, Emperor, Sarmatian Empire

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