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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: December 20, 2008
Treaty Status: Defunct

Article I[]

The Immortals (henceforth known as TI) and The Dark Templar (henceforth known as DT) are independent organizations and will remain as such.

Article II[]

TI and DT agree not to hold any aggressive actions toward each other.

Article III[]

TI and DT vow to maintain open relations with one another, furthering friendship and keeping an open information exchange.

Article IV[]

If either party is attacked the other party has the option to come to the attacked parties aid, via war, aid, or in any fashion they deem fit

Article V[]

TI and DT will not commit espionage or aid in espionage against the other party. If espionage is committed this agreement is immediately terminated.

Article VI[]

A party should alert the other party if they learn of, or suspect, espionage against either party.

Article VII[]

Should either party wish to cancel, they should alert the other part, and an official notice must be posted on the official CN forums after which a period of 72 hours will be given.

Signed for The Dark Templar,[]

  • Supa_Troop3r - Dark Archon
  • Deathsmile - Twilight Archon
  • PuLsE - Patriarch
  • Masterof9puppets - High Templar of War
  • Myworld - High Templar of Development
  • Rakshasas - High Templar of Finance

Signed for The Immortals,[]