The Immortals
Dark Templar
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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: December 20, 2008
Treaty Status: Defunct

Article IEdit

The Immortals (henceforth known as TI) and The Dark Templar (henceforth known as DT) are independent organizations and will remain as such.

Article IIEdit

TI and DT agree not to hold any aggressive actions toward each other.

Article IIIEdit

TI and DT vow to maintain open relations with one another, furthering friendship and keeping an open information exchange.

Article IVEdit

If either party is attacked the other party has the option to come to the attacked parties aid, via war, aid, or in any fashion they deem fit

Article VEdit

TI and DT will not commit espionage or aid in espionage against the other party. If espionage is committed this agreement is immediately terminated.

Article VIEdit

A party should alert the other party if they learn of, or suspect, espionage against either party.

Article VIIEdit

Should either party wish to cancel, they should alert the other part, and an official notice must be posted on the official CN forums after which a period of 72 hours will be given.

Signed for The Dark Templar,Edit

Signed for The Immortals,Edit


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