Date June 8, 2008
Casus belli NPO Version: Refusal of protectorate agreement to tBR

TBR Version: Failure to accept NPO viceroy.

Result TBR destroyed
The Blue Revolution*


New Pacific Order

New Polar Order NpOFlag7.jpg
Siberian Tiger Alliance

Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.svg
Nations: 13 Nations: 1670
*The Armenian Order recently changed its names to The Blue Revolution

The TBR-NPO War refers to when The Blue Revolution declared war on the New Pacific Order.

Reaction to Declaration of War and Casus Belli Controversy The Blue Revolution's declaration of war on the New Pacific Order was met with a great deal of laughter on the part of the New Pacific Order, Siberian Tiger Alliance, New Polar Order and their allies. The declaration thread was filled with humorous and sarcastic responses lamenting the "imminent destruction of the Orders at the hands of the unstoppable war machine of the Blue Revolution". Questions about the casus belli were also raised, with accusations that Hayastan, the leader of the Blue Revolution had declared war on the NPO because Umbrae Noctum, a member of the Pacifican government, had rejected his request for a protectorate. When these accusations were brought to light, denunciations of Hayastan as being unable to be refused or be responded to with the word "no" without throwing a tantrum began. Hayastan responded to these allegations by saying that there were other reasons that he had declared war on the NPO, but refused to make light of them on the public forums. This has led to speculation that there was no other reason for the DOW save Hayastan's inability to take no for an answer, with no reason given for the refusal to accept TBR.

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