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This alliance merged to become part of Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism.

Merger occurred on/around July 1, 2012.
More info is available here.
Note: The T5E AA is under the protection of GOONS until July 15, 2012.[1]

T5E Official Flag

Official War Flag
T5E Motto: Big Bada Boom!
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Bartimaeus46, coldielox, King Krath
Founded 26 March 2011
The Triumvirate

  • Bartimaeus46
  • coldielox
  • KINGKrath
Ministry of General Affairs

  • Bartimaeus46, Triumvir
    • Phoenix, Minister of STFU
    • Vacant, Minister of Fire

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • coldielox, Triumvir
    • Vacant, Minister of Water
Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • KINGKrath, Triumvir
    • AnecdotalRabbit, Minister of Earth
    • Warmaster Horus, Minister of Air

International relations


GOONS (since 26.3.2011)

AllianceStats Statistics as of 09 December 2011

Total Nations 15
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 13,571
Score 0.99
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Founded on the 26th of March 2011, The Fifth Element, usually referred to as T5E, is a small Multi-Colored alliance created by a trio of close friends. The Fifth Element has been protected by the Pandora Box member alliance GOONS since it's inception. Just a few short months after its declaration of existence, The Fifth Element had reached 19 members and 200k total nation strength.

Despite being a multi-colored alliance, all of The Fifth Elements nations reside on the green or black spheres. The founders of The Fifth Element (Bartimaeus46, coldielox and KINGKrath ) all have medium to high government experience in alliances such as iFOK!-Alliance, Greenland Republic, GRAN, DiCE and Omniscient Empire of Green.


T5E Charter

It Should be noted that the Charter was deemed a necessary evil by the Triumvirate, and therefore that is the reason for its short nature.

Alliance RibbonsEdit


The awards shown below are awarded to members of The Fifth Element after reaching certain goals and checkpoints, in order to encourage growth and development of their nations.

Some nations may get certain ribbons upon their admittance to The Fifth Element if the nation has already passed that particular checkpoint.

Ribbon Name Reason for Ribbon Ribbon
Bronze Recruitment Recruitment of 5 Nations SigRibbonBronzeRecruit-1-
Silver Recruitment Recruitment of 10 Nations SigRibbonSilverRecruit-1-
Gold Recruitment Recruitment of 15 Nations SigRibbonGoldRecruit-1-
Air Recruitment Recruitment of 20 Nations SigRibbonAirRecruit-1-
L5 Recruitment Recruitment of 25 Nations SigRibbonT5ERecruit-1-
Bronze Infrastructure Gained 999.99 Infrastructure SigRibbonInfraBronzeLevel-1-
Silver Infrastructure Gained 1999.99 Infrastructure SigRibbonInfraSilverLevel-1-
Gold Infrastructure Gained 2999.99 Infrastructure SigRibbonInfraGoldLevel-1-
Air Infrastructure Gained 3999.99 Infrastructure SigRibbonInfraAirLevel-1-
L5 Infrastructure Gained 4999.99 Infrastructure SigRibbonInfraT5ELevel-2-
Bronze Membership 3 Months of Membership SigRibbonBronzeLevelMember-1-
Silver Membership 6 Months of Membership SigRibbonSilverLevelMember-1-
Gold Membership 12 Months of Membership SigRibbonGoldLevelMember-1-
Air Membership 18 Months of Membership SigRibbonAirLevelMember-1-
L5 Membership 24 Months of Membership SigRibbonT5ELevelMember-1-
Bronze Activity Ping Responded to 5 Pings SigRibbonBronzePing-1-
Silver Activity Ping Responded to 10 Pings SigRibbonSilverPing-1-
Gold Activity Ping Responded to 15 Pings SigRibbonGoldPing-1-
Air Activity Ping Responded to 20 Pings SigRibbonAirPing-1-
L5 Activity Ping Responded to 25 Pings SigRibbonT5EPing-1-
Nuclear Development Nuclear Capable SigRibbonNuke-1-
Nuclear Sacrifice Taken a Nuke for T5E SigRibbonNukeEaten-1-
Academy Passed the Academy SigRibbonAcademy-1-
Epicness Medal Doing T5E a Great Service i.e. Being Epic EpicMedal

Wars and BattlesEdit

WarWhoOutcome Ribbon
Grudge War Blood For Friends, GOONS, Paragon and T5E vs. Global Democratic Alliance Victory None Yet

The Above is the Conflicts the T5E has participated in.


Foreign RelationsEdit

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