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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of November 2012.

The Flag of Symphony

Alliance Information
Motto Molte Voci, Una Sinfonia
Website Symphony Forums
IRC Channel #Symphony on Coldfront
Team Color Black
Founded 2 May 2010
Founders Aguacenta, Astarle, Aznjons, Farnsworth, John Diesel, King Alexander IV, Rayvon
Astarle, Aznjons, Silhouette, Ironfist
The Councils
Astarle, Quadrumvir
     Lord Endeavour, Senior Deputy
     Vacant, Junior Deputy
Ironfist, Quadrumvir
     Vacant, Senior Deputy
     Vacant, Junior Deputy
Foreign Affairs
Silhouette, Quadrumvir
     Protoa, Senior Deputy
     John Diesel, Junior Deputy
Internal Affairs
Aznjons, Quadrumvir
     bluegreenpurple, Senior Deputy
     Vacant, Junior Deputy
Senate Support
Black pd73bassman of Mos Eisley
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12 June 2012
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Symphony is an alliance located on the Black Trading Sphere. Upon its founding, each member of the alliance had at one point served as a high government official for various major alliances on the Green, Blue, Black, and Orange teams. The individual members of Symphony are known as Symphonians.

The Charter of Symphony[]

Main article: Charter of Symphony

The Charter of Symphony is the most fundamental piece of legislation for the alliance, serving as the springboard for all policies and procedures. This crucial element outlines the government structure of the alliance, the processes for admission, and the expectations for the behavior of each Symphonian.

The Government of Symphony[]


The government of the Symphony is ruled by a four-member body called the Quadrumvirate, with each member, or Quadrumvir, being the overseer of a Council. There are no set limits for their term in office, though any leader may be removed from power via resignation or a vote of no confidence, which may be called by any five Symphonians in good standing. Further details may be found in the charter.

Senior and Junior Deputies[]

Quadrumvirs may appoint up to two Deputies – one Senior and one Junior – in order to assist with the proper supervision of all matters within their Council. During an approved leave of absence of the Quadrumvir, the Senior Deputy will lead their Council. The Senior Deputy is also the automatic prime candidate to replace the Quadrumvir in the case of resignation or removal from office.

The Councils[]

Each of the four divisions, or Councils, has a vital role to play in the maintenance of the internal and external prosperity of Symphony. See below for a brief description of the Councils.

  • Defense – Responsible for wartime preparations and military organization
  • Economics – Responsible for procuring trades, technology, and growth opportunities
  • Foreign Affairs – Responsible for creating and maintaining foreign relations
  • Internal Affairs – Responsible for member admission, compliance, and discipline

Symphonian Ideals[]

To only say that Symphony is an elite Green Sphere* alliance would be a great injustice, as Symphony is not merely an alliance, it is a community. Symphony was founded on the principle that deep respect and truly listening to the needs of the others in the community are more important than member count or amassing statistics. We hope to foster a setting that provides an open exchange of ideas and knowledge within community. We highly value both intelligence and integrity, and we believe that both are irreplaceable when it comes to our membership.

Our alliance holds itself to a high standard, and all Symphonians, present and future, must recognize that honor, loyalty, and respect are paramount when dealing with each other, and with members of other alliances. Because of our beliefs, we take the stance that the quality of our membership, and the quality of our recruits, are more important than the number of members we have.

While Symphony is not a democratic alliance, we value the opinions and ideas of all our members equally. Alliance decisions, treaties, and policies are discussed in an open forum by all members of the alliance, and consensus is at the heart of every decision. We believe that a government’s first and foremost purpose is to represent the membership, and the membership reserves the right to recall any member of government if they fail to fulfill this central responsibility.

Nota Bene: Symphony was originally located on the Green Trading Sphere.

Public Announcements, Important Documents, and Major Events[]

Symphonian Imagery[]


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