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Surgut (Russ. Сургут, Finn. Surkut, Hung. Súrgut or Halgödör) is a Uralican city, situated on the Ob' River, that received its own unitary authority on 1 April 2010. It is also considered a centre of Ob Ugric culture, specifically for the Khants.

Founded as an oil town, there were large deposits of iron ore found in the area as well, and mining and metallurgy are Surgut's primary economic sectors. It also has a reasonably strong textile and clothing industry, and is good for retail.

It is a very important location from a transportation point of view, as well. Because it is on the Ob' River, it is a decently busy river port. On top of this, Highways UH-1, UH-22, and UH-22C all pass into or through the city.


The name "Surgut" is said to come from the Khanty words sur (fish) and gut (hole), and with the annexation into Uralica and the promised Ob River cleanup project that came with it, it has become a popular destination for people wanting to fish in the Ob, as most of the city's industry is away from the river. Nearby Surgutskoye Ozero (Finn. Surkuenjärvi, Engl. Lake Surgut) is also a popular fishing spot.

The percentage of the population that is actually Ob Ugric is quite small, although those that are there are very proud to put their culture on display through the Khanty-Mansi Cultural Centre. The largest population of Hungarians in Uralica lives in Surgut, although it is of lower proportion than Trakt. The second-largest ethnic group is Russian, with some Finns, Estonians, and Permyak-speaking Komi living in the city as well.

One of the city's marking points is the Surgut Bridge, which at one time was the longest one-tower stayed-cable bridge in the world, however, it was destroyed in 2006 during Great War I. With Surgut in Uralica however, the bridge was rebuilt, and once again holds the record for which it is known.


Surgut has a thriving winter-sport community, with ice-skating (especially long-track speed-skating) and Nordic skiing being very popular. It also has five team sport clubs, although this number is expected to increase eventually.

Football (soccer)[]


  • Obyugra FK


  • Traktor Surgut
  • Yugra Surgut

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Surgut
  • Dinamo Surgut
  • Spartak Surgut
  • Zenit Surgut
  • Mashinostroitel Surgut
  • Hungaria Súrgut
  • Súrguti TK
  • Juganteräs Surgut
  • Metallurg Surgut
  • UralTek Surgut
  • Progress Surgut
  • Chronos Surgut
  • FK Most'
  • FK Barsovo
  • Beloyarsky FK
  • Surkuen Palloseura

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Surgut


  • RMS Surgut


  • UBK Surgut

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • The Surgut Plaza


  • Jugranteräs Ice Palace (Jugranteräs is a silver-mining company based in Surgut) - this facility supports speed-skating and figure-skating as well as HK Surgut.

Neighbourhoods And Suburbs[]

  • Belyy-Yar
  • Barsovo
  • Bannyy
  • Poykovsky