Supreme Kaiser SNH


CN Birth Date June 26, 2007
Allegiance Ragnarok ROKINIT2
Service May 5, 2008 – Present
Alliance Position Warrior
Positions Held Regent
High Chancellor
Prime Minister
Vice Minister
Deputy of Finance
Previous Alliance(s) Atlantic Shadow Confederation Ascbg21
(6/28/2007 - 5/4/2008)
Previous Positions Triad
Minister of Defense
Education Commandant
Asst. Minister of Defense
Battles/Wars ASC/RLMMO Conflict
Unjust War
ASC Ghost Buster War
War of the Coalition
Karma War
PB-NpO War
Awards Ragnarok Hall of Fame

Supreme Kaiser SNH, also known by the anonyms "SKSNH" and "Alien," is the ruler of SEUSSRS and a proud member of Ragnarok. He is currently serving as a rank and file warrior Ragnarok.

The Age of PiracyEdit

Born and raised on the decks of the Atlantic Shadow Confederation. Served as the Assistant Minister of Defense, Education Commandant, Minister of Defense, and Triad.

The Age of RebirthEdit

Refined in the halls of Ragnarok. Served as Advisor, Deputy of Finance, Vice Minister, Prime Minister, High Chancellor and Regent.

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