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This alliance merged to become part of Freehold of The Wolves.

Merger occurred on/around January 16, 2019

Supernova X
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Peace Flag of the Imperium

Peace Flag of the Imperium

Battle Flag of the July Revolution
Battle Flag of the July Revolution
Team Color White team.gif White
Founded August 18, 2014

White Senate Galerion
International relations

Treaties: See below

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Supernova X (SNX) was founded from the merger of MCXA, LoSS, NSF and GDA in 2014 as an effort to rejuvenate four dying alliances. Although the alliance began impressively, with ten million nationstrength and 200 members, the First Imperium was plagued by a divided government model which advanced Chaos within the government itself. This government failed as officials embraced the degeneracy that doomed our forerunners to a slow, inglorious death. Those attempting to strengthen Supernova X were persecuted and driven from the alliance.

After the shortcomings of divided government became clear during the Doom War, the Second Imperium was established, which swung the pendulum of government towards absolute autocracy. Unfortunately, new shortcomings became clear, as government became a closed and corrupt circle, and ministers outnumbered workers. Following numerous scandals, the remaining corrupt officials fled, fully abandoning the Imperium to Chaos.

During the July Revolution of 2015, the members of Supernova X deposed the Second Imperium and engaged in a resistance effort against raiding Chaos alliances. These raiders were supported by traitors, and their efforts were augmented by vultures from many alliances who attempted to poach our members. It was the darkest day for the Imperium since the Doom War, and the closest we have yet come to full extinction.

In the midst of this conflict the Third Imperium was born; outnumbered twenty to one, the Heroes of the Revolution fought desperately to cast out the raiders and traitors who supported them. After a week-long battle, the Imperium proved victorious, and over the coming months would hunt down traitors culminating in the November Third Operation. During this Operation, former SNXers were reunified from the rogue faction Galactic Guard and liberated from Chaos.

In January 2016, after defeating the rogue alliance Animalz who had attacked allied Together as One, Supernova X ratified the Imperium Codex, an update to the original Imperium Regulations Code. Supernova X was attacked by Animalz in early February, began fighting the War on Terror against Animalz, Limitless Nexus and Monsters Inc.

In January 2019, after years of friendship with Freehold of The Wolves, Supernova X decided to merge into FTW, thus putting an end to the long and storied alliance.

Government history[]

Term Triumvirate <acronym title="Minister of Internal Affairs">MoIA</acronym> <acronym title="Minister of Foreign Affairs">MoFA</acronym> <acronym title="Minister of Defense">MoD</acronym> <acronym title="Minister of Finance">MoF</acronym>
Aug 18 - Oct 14, 2014 Jrkee crv24 p8ntballer Astro Legion-x Rough Rider MadMike
Oct 14 - Dec 16, 2014 Jrkee crv24 p8ntballer Magicboyd25 Legion-x Mr. Flubb Jimmyvbuck
Dec 16, 2014 - Jan 28 2015 Jrkee Legion-x p8ntballer Magicboyd25 supercheese Megamind Jimmyvbuck
Jan 28 2015 - July Revolution Jrkee Legion-x Magicboyd25 Supercoolyellow Megamind MrHavoc
Term Grand Marshal of the Imperium Unified Command Adjutant General of the Imperium Strategic Command Major General of the Imperium Revolutionary Guard
July Revolution - January 2016 Immortan Junka Edward Graceford Lemac
Term Emperor of Mankind Hand of the Emperor
January 2016 - January 2019 Immortan Junka Galerion

War history[]

War Combatants Duration Outcome
Doom War SNX vs. DBDC, Umbrella, NPO, SLCB, NG, NSO, INT, DS November 11, 2014 – January 8, 2015 White Peace
July Revolution SNX vs. Reactionaries and Numerous Raiders July Revolution of 2015 Strategic Victory
November Third Offensive SNX, Doom Kingdom, Doom Squad vs Galactic Guard November 03, 2015 - November 06,2015 Total Victory
Operation Dog Pound SNX vs aNiMaLz December 30, 2015 - January 08,2015 Victory
War on Terror SNX, Doom Kingdom, Together as One, Libertarian Socialist Federation, The Crimson Army, vs aNiMaLz, Limitless Nexus, Monsters Inc February 04, 2016 - January 2019 White Peace
Interstellar Wolf with Claws - COBRA war SNX,Freehold of The Wolves, CLAWS vs. COBRA, Kashmir September 21 - November 17th, 2018 White Peace

International relations[]

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Space Dragon-Wolves XII ODoAP Freehold of the Wolves Defunct December 7th, 2017
Super-Linke (Link) ODoAP Dielinkelogo.gif Die_Linke Defunct }
Space Wolves Pact (Link) ODoAP Fellowship of The Wolves Defunct }
Supernova X - SCOTLAND Optional Defense Pact (link) ODP SCOTLAND Defunct }
Varangian Guard - SNX ODoAP (link) ODoAP Varangian Guard Defunct }
Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes - SNX ODoAP (link) ODoAP Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes Defunct }

See also[]

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