SuperGrievances (SG) and SuperComplaints (SC) are names applied to the perceived grouping of the SuperFriends and the Complaints and Grievances Union MADP blocs and the war coalitions they have taken part of. Cooperation between them was first seen in the Karma War; however, the terms "SuperGrievances" and "SuperComplaints" were first applied during the TPF War as the name for the side aligned against the Coincidence Coalition. The blocs have subsequently cooperated in the Bipolar War and the PB-NpO War. Numerous treaties between the blocs have caused some to think of them as a hegemonic force.[Source?]

The coalition was closely intertwined with numerous treaties between members of SF and CnG. Ultimately, the relationship didn't last and by late 2010 SF was marginalized in favor of Pandora's Box. This began the PB/DH/CnG Coalition. SF eventually ended up on the opposing side of their old allies in the Grudge War.

Treaties[edit | edit source]

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