Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Headquarters
The headquarters
LocationPenguin Village, Pacific Empire
OwnerSunshine Treaty Organization Pact
StartedMay 6, 2011
CompletedMay 14, 2011
InauguratedMay 15, 2011
Floor count8
Design team
ArchitectHerman Zuverb
Other designersDawn Merem Solomon

The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Headquarters is a multi-building complex housing the headquarters of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact. It is based in Penguin Village, Pacific Empire although it is considered part of international territory among the signatories of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact. It began construction on May 6, 2011 and finished on April 14 that year. The next day, it was officially inaugurated and opened.

The origin of the headquarters' conception began several months earlier when the President of the United States of JBR, Justin Vuong called for a need of a permanent headquarters for the Council. At the time and up to the inauguration, the Council met frequently in different locations; relying on renting a new conference room every ten days. Eventually, the Pacific Empire offered to build the headquarters on a mobile island as the Empire was renowned for its construction of artificial islands both immobile and mobile.


The headquarters is composed of two distinct wings: the North Wing and South Wing. The North Wing consists the administrative offices including the Council, the office of the Secretary-General, the departments, and the Department Sector. In between the wings is the Sunshine Courtyard where it contains an artificial ecosystem of animals and plants and contains passageways accessible to the six underground floors below. The six lower floors consists the dormitory rooms for guests, safe bunkers, tracking and communication systems, and solar powered and hyrdo-powered generators. On the very bottom is a sewage passageway that can hold up to 500,000 gallons of waste before it can be disposed. An airport sits adjacent to the headquarters--including a marina. The South Wing consists the hotel rooms for the heads of state and diplomats, the Reception Desk, and the State Lounge.

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