The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Council (shortened as STOP Council) is the administrative body of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact which is composed of the leaders of all of the respective signatories. The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Council meets at summits along with several non-voting delegates on regards of diplomacy, economy, etc. At these summits, STOP discuss about many various topics from admitting a new signatory to join or creating new amendments. The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Council may also conduct emergency meetings in the event of a new signatory entering or when there is a conflict between the signatories. The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Council currently has nine voting members: Justin Vuong of the United States of JBR, Robert O'Goobo XXIV of Bobogoobo, Bryan Minghan of the Southeast Coalition, Zabuza Hashimoto of the Union of Midway, Rena of Anyplace, Epic Dictator of Pentaria, Prometheus77 of Tholian Syndicate, crazyguy111 of the NCR Union, CHIEF of the United Replubics, President Brandon Jr of the Soviet Union Kingdom, Debson of the United Capitalist States of Eastern Economics, Frank Jaegar of the Pacific Empire, Alfred von Schliefen of the Prussian Empire, and Micheal Kenny of the Republic of Bekolan. Zabuza Hashimoto (Midway) retained his membership briefly after his nation was under threat from hostile government changes. The nation was banned by STOP in April until the ruler could rule without the threats. It re-gained membership on April 25, 2011. The United States of JBR faced a similar suspension but was given back signatory rights on April 23, 2011 after its leader, Justin Vuong, was returned power from a hostile usurper.


  • JBR Flag United States of JBR
  • Flag of Bobogoobo Bobogoobo
  • Singapore Southeast Coalition
  • South Africa Union of Midway
  • United Kingdom Anyplace
  • Serbia Pentaria
  • Empireflag Tholian Syndicate
  • Nadc newflag2 NCR Union
  • NpOFlag7 United Replubics
  • Soviet Union Soviet Union Kingdom
  • Slovakia United Capitalist States of Eastern Economics
  • AustraliaNewAustralia
  • PACIFIC EMPIREPacific Empire
  • PrussianFlag2 Prussian Empire
  • Gpaflag Republic of Bekolan

Former MembersEdit


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Observers are technically not members of the Council but in fact, observe. There has been only one observer in all of STOP's history.

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